Web Design

Web Design

To have a website that is comfortable to use and has an attractive look, you need:

1) A simple structure that helps in navigation

Web Design

2) fun animations that attract attention

Logo Andrea Borin Ndr - Web Design

4) some buttons to make everything interactive!

4) some buttons to make everything interactive!

Web Design: Resuming

Easy to use

All the sites I have created allow a recursive navigation without any hitches, so that the user never finds himself lost on the page, but is directed to the contents that have the greatest importance.

Attractive appearance

The layouts are individually customized, so as to be original and particular and be clear and effective at first sight: even the eye wants its part!

High interactivity

Using javascript and jQuery allows you to dynamically change the content of the page, providing a sense of interactivity similar to that of a mobile application.

Web Design: theory is cool, but what about the practice?

Said than done: below there’s the list of sites that I have created and personally managed, from domain purchase and hosting, to web design and SEO optimization.

Click on the logo to view the corresponding page!

The sites are all made with WordPress.

Are you interested in a new website for your company? Write to me using the appropriate form in the contacts section!

I am currently working on the graphic restyling of the web site of Agriturismo Tirtha:
here’s a littlte preview!

agriturismo Tirtha - versione originale
agriturismo Tirtha – versione originale
agriturismo Tirtha - Andrea Borin Ndr
agriturismo tirtha – andrea borin ndr

Let’s summarize the main problems of the graphic layout of the site:

  • The previous layout included a block on the page width, which can be seen by the two white bands on the sides.
  • The slider did not contain any Call to Action, an essential element for a touristic site. Through the Call to Action, in fact, it is possible to lead the customer in the navigation, for example towards the booking page on Booking.com!
  • The navigation menu above the slider was directly connected to the slider itself. A partition element, on the other hand, provides depth and improves the aesthetics of the site.

And now it’s up to you:
What do you think is necessary
for the web design of a site
to be effective and attractive?
Let me know with a comment!

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