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Hello to everyone! My name is Andrea Borin and I am a freelance web designer! I always have been fascinated by computers and web, with particular attention to Social Networks. I graduated in Criminal Law and, in my graduation thesis, I have dealt with a very current topic: “Defamation on Web 2.0“.

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Is there still the freedom to freely express one’s thoughts on the Internet,as claimed by J.P. Barlow in “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace”?

To answer this long-standing question I would call into question one of the protagonists of my thesis: a nice guy from Monza, who decided to express all his sorrow for the recent breakup of his love affair under a post with a pic of his ex-girlfriend. Leaving aside the tenor of the comments, which I avoid to report verbatim but are readable in the complete version of the sentence, our anti-hero, with his crusade for lost love, obtained a sentence to compensate as many as € 15,000 on an equitable basis to the ex-partner, by virtue of the “transient state of disturbance” caused to her by his unhappy comment.

At this point, the half of you is going to delete the tons of malicious comments left in the past, while the other half already has the phone in hand to contact his trusted assistant and make SickGuy42 pay for calling “Horrible” the curtains in his bathroom.

The first thing to do is written in large letters on the cover of the Galactic Guide for Hitchhikers: “Don’t panic!”.

Advises to Survive in the World of Social Networks

To define a more rational course of action, my advice is to avoid expressing concepts that, face to face, you would never dream of ruling in front of the person concerned. If, in spite of everything, the need for free manifestation of thought has the upper hand, even on the fear of compensation, remember that “Verba volant, scripta manent.” fundamental point is to take care of the language. Just an h more or less will give everyone the idea that you will be soon at the beginning of the aperitif and once the credibility will be lost, there will be very little to do.

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In the event that the rationality, the correct use of the language and the reason on your side are not enough, amaze everyone with a stock photo along with your old band (Black Sabbath , Ed.).

The result is guaranteed, because if the world is now full of commentators with little or nothing to say, it is useless to remind you that “The Shock must go on!”